The SDG Transformation Laboratory (SDG Translab) is established and aims to emerge as an open knowledge-management platform that generates a stream of new sustainable development approaches, as well as new enterprise-led initiatives to compliment good practice. As a partnership between the Yunus Center at the Asian Institute of Technology (YCA) and Global Sustainability Solutions (GLOSS), the SDG TransLab will create an inclusive platform that brings together action-research, systems-change innovation, social co-creation and demonstrable-transformation models to foster the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It will be primarily located at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok and spread to locations of other potential partners and collaborators.

The Yunus Center at the Asian Institute of Technology (YCA), the first collaboration of its kind between Professor Yunus and a research university, works to find practical ways of harnessing the power of the market to create a world free of poverty.  Located inside a post-graduate institute of higher learning at AIT in Thailand, YCA applies interdisciplinary approaches and supports multi-stakeholder partnerships. YCA will provide requisite technical capacity for the SDG TransLab.

Global Sustainability Solutions (GLOSS) is a platform for co-creation of holistic solutions and sustainable enterprise innovations, through multi-dimensional partnerships to strengthen the transformation towards a sustainable world. Located in Sri Lanka, GLOSS engages in fostering sustainable enterprises through community resilience, building sustainable development interventions. GLOSS led by global sustainability thought leader and activist Uchita de Zoysa will provide the SDG TransLab with requisite